Store Focus // Goodhood: Hoxton

Goodhood’s location, for some, sparks instant interest, while for others, promptly dissuades them, depending on one’s attitude to the hipster hot spot that is East London, and specifically Hoxton. However, if ever there was a store to prove the naysayers wrong, this is it.

While at first glance seeming like many other of the capital’s trendy boutiques, Goodhood has managed to create that winning combination of being incredibly cool without any of the pretentions (and sometimes downright rudeness) that you can experience elsewhere. The staff are friendly and helpful, regardless of your spending power, and the atmosphere is relaxed. You will not be judged for your lack of alternative facial hair or for hailing from an SW postcode but simply welcomed with open arms to enjoy the delights of one of East London’s finest independent stores.

What’s more, their edit is exceptional. With a focus on quality, independent brands, it is generally the pricier end of high street but so worth the money. Stocking both men’s and women’s wear and recently expanding to include a home section they stock a broad range of brands from all corners of the Earth including offerings from Japan, the USA and Scandinavia alongside home grown British names.

Here is my pick of some of their best pieces which are currently available online and in store:

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