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Start Your Own T-Shirt Empire with Moteefe

Three ambitious MBA students have started an online company, Moteefe, which could help you make money by using your creativity to design and sell clothing online.

Inspired by the concept of helping people become entrepreneurs and sell their creations, Mathijs Eefting, Lev Kundin and Olivier Stapylton-Smith, founded Moteefe in August 2014.

The company was launched in February 2015, and has seen an extraordinarily successful start. Moteefe allows aspiring entrepreneurs to have their designs manufactured, packaged and posted with zero financial risk due to the time-fixed campaign strategy. If campaigns are successful it could be the stepping-stone towards the building of your own online micro-brand.

With Moteefe creative students can generate their own designs which are displayed on the website where they can sell to friends, followers and any other visitors to the website who may want to purchase the pieces. Put simply, Moteefe acts as a medium through which users can set up their own business and make money in their own time.

This is also a fantastic way for clubs and societies to create unique and tailored merchandise for their members, whilst being able to keep the profits for the benefit of the club.

Moteefe Example

The company works as follows: an entrepreneur, society merchandise rep, or designer creates an item of clothing and sets up a campaign that lasts for a fixed period of time which is decided by the creator. They can then use various forms of social media and marketing in order to advertise their design through a unique campaign page. Once the time period of the campaign is finished Moteefe calculates how much profit was made depending on how many pieces were sold, transfers the profits to the designers, and the customers receive their order within 8-10 working days.

There is zero financial risk because there is no chance for overproduction, this is down to the time fixed strategy – production of clothing only begins once all the orders have been made. You are therefore guaranteed to at least break even with every campaign.

Moteefe is one to watch, as it is likely to take the t-shirt market by storm in its first year.

You can start building your own t-shirt empire now by following this link https://www.moteefe.com, and like the Moteefe Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/moteefe.




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