Ricotta, Hazelnut, and Blueberry Cake

After three incredible weeks travelling around Europe, from cities to coasts, and tasting some interesting cuisines along the way, I returned to a plethora of magazines, articles and cut outs waiting for me – all food related.

The Guardian Cook Supplement lay on top of this pile with a cake standing on the cover. A cake covered in hazelnuts, blueberries, and demerara sugar that you know just from sight will provide a crunchy sweet topping and a satisfying sound when cutting a slice.

The recipe is by Honey and Co. Their Middle Eastern inspired café/restaurant in London provides an amazing selection of baked goods, often comprising of a nutty base, a fruity topping, and full of spices and exciting flavours. I remember gazing in envy at the woman sat next to me eating a cheesecake made up of thin coils of pastry, a light creamy filling, and topped with bright blueberries and crushed nuts. This recipe I am sharing here is essentially the sponge form of the cheesecake that I’ve wanted to indulge in ever since.

The cake has a really light texture because of the ricotta cheese and ground nut base – it has very little flour in it. The blueberries give it a sweet flavour and there’s a subtle hint of lemon in every bite. At university it’s easy to pop to Tesco and pick up a standard Victoria Sponge cake, but this simple recipe is super-easy to follow even for the novice bakers out there. It provides a more delicious and beautiful bake for the next birthday you’re attending.

(When I’ve made this cake, I’ve changed the recipe to use brown rice flour to make it gluten free, but plain flour is used in the original recipe)

The link to this wonderful recipe is found below, and it is the first recipe on the page, although you might like to explore the others as well.




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