Cutlery – the New Stocking Filler

Halloween is over and advent calendars have replaced pumpkins. Christmas is coming and we all know what that means. That dreadful, growing anxiety leading up to Christmas when you haven’t bought your presents. That last minute shop on Christmas eve. It’s dark, cold and probably raining. You are at the point that you don’t care that the best thing you can find for your little sister is a bag of Haribo. You have dragged yourself round department stores for the best part of an afternoon. Going to the pub is a better alternative than buying your mum something better than a bottle of wine and a big tub of chocolate.

This year I’m starting early. I like to think I am a “good present buyer,” even when I am on a budget and a 6 hour deadline. But this year is different. Why? Because I just secured my first graduate job. I actually have the pay check to go out and finally repay my parents for 25 years of pocket money, Lego, football boots, bikes, advances on rent… (you know what I’m getting at). It’s the first Christmas where I can actually spoil my parents. Say ‘thanks for putting up with the constant drain on your income for the last quarter of a century.’

So the million dollar question. What in the seven hells do I buy them? I’ve been living away from home for 7 years. I don’t know if mum’s favourite El Divo CD is still working, or frankly if she’s worked out how to use her iPod yet. I’m not sure if my step dad is still into motorbikes or if he’s still drinking rum every weekend down the pub. CD’s, Motorcycle DVD’s or alcohol just aren’t going to cut it this year.

So here goes. My criteria for the perfect gift for my parents:

  • £££. It’s all about money – we can’t get away from it. My gift needs to be expensive enough that my parents feel like I have pushed the boat out. But not so expensive that I can’t indulge in my new-found taste for good whisky for the rest of the month. A great tip here is doing a “combined gift” for both parents. Save money, save time, save tangling yourself up in wrapping paper. Twice.
  • I need a gift that they will actually find some use in. Ideally that they can both enjoy and won’t just use once.
  • It should give them a sense of achievement. They put me through uni and I’m finally making money on my own. Now that I’m a bread winner, this present symbolises that the last four years hasn’t been for nothing.

I was at university for four years. I should be able to show them that their money was well spent and that I at least picked up some analytical skills. It should show I have thought about what they actually might like. I havent just picked up the first selection chocolate box I saw, in the first shop I walked into (Sorry Mum – 2005 was a bad year).

“What did I buy my parents?” I hear you ask! Well. I haven’t bought them anything yet. But I will tell you what I am going to buy them when November’s pay check arrives!

I decided on buying my parents a new cutlery set. It fits all the criteria. If I bundle their presents together (because let’s face it they will both be using the cutlery set) then I can afford a pretty decent set. A designer 4 person set typically retails at £100 to £200. You can even call it a “family gift” and then you don’t need to buy your little brother anything either!

Im certain they will actually use it. If I’m going to buy a designer set, we can even get it out of the box for Christmas dinner. Then I’ll get the browine points right away. I think the main use will be when they have those “older people dinner parties.” They probably have much more of them since I moved away from home.

And that brings me to the third point. They can show it off, have a little pride and brag to their friends about “how their boy has all grown up and got a job and…” I know they do it!

Finally, it shows that I care just a little bit about them. That I have put the thought into thinking of something meaningful, has longevity and a gift that they will actually use, maybe even every day!

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