World Peace

Now is not the time to be divided.

Our planet has had a varied history when it comes to our perspective over different religions, different kinds of people and different cultures. Now in the wake of the attacks on France there is already a clear increase in hatred towards The Middle East as a whole. This helps no-one. Yes, these attacks are awful, and it is clear that ISIS are trying to grow bigger and stronger, but as it always has been, the main objective of terrorism is to spread terror and division. Let us not forget that many of the refugees and immigrants so many of us have some sort of fear-lead anger towards fled their country from people just like this. The attack on France just across the sea from us here in England is not reason to increase judgment or close the borders, now is not the time to be divided, now is the time to be united more than we ever have been.

Already so many of us have shown support for France, Facebook gave us the option to overlay the French flag over our profile pictures, YouTube has changed its logo in support, many countries across the world lit up their monuments in the French colours at the same time as the French turned off the lights to the Eiffel Tower in mourning. But how many of us, be honest knew about the other bombings in Baghdad and Beirut? Probably not a lot of us because it puts less credibility to this idea of middle eastern immigrants all being bombers, but it’s important I think to consider why we’ve only shown such support for France and not Baghdad or Beirut. It is equally as much a tragedy. Hatred is not an option. Division is not an option. Returning back to the days of segregation, and unnecessary generalisations is not an option. I am in no intelligible position to create a structured, section by section plan of what we have to do, it is a difficult decision to choose, but to the heads of this country, and to the general public we cannot lose our heads in this. As soon as we forget our fellow humans, and disregard them all as being something they are not then we have already lost. We live in 2015, go back 100 years from now, look at our morals, look at our tactics, look at our views, we have changed so much. We are not perfect, and there is so much that needs changing, but in the wake of such horrific acts of violence we cannot return to our old ways and become a narrow minded, hate-fuelled world. Love, strength, open-mindedness and hope will stop this going too far.

By spreading hate and animosity we become an accessory to them. By spreading love and compassion, we defy them and stay true to ourselves, and show that as a nation, as a country, as a world we can stand strong in whatever circumstance. That in itself is a more powerful message than any act of terrorism could ever show. Let us mourn the dead, but also celebrate the survivors. Let us remember that while this is relatively new to us, to the refugees these attacks were a regular occurrence. Let us be strict, let us be firm, but let us also remain level-headed as much as is possible.

Let us stand together in this.



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