Cameron’s delusion in the Middle East is the threat to our national security, not Jeremy Corbyn

After the last fifteen years of disastrous centrist foreign policy served our country so poorly, it is beyond belief that some segments of the Labour Party are buying David Cameron’s so-called ‘plan’ to eliminate ISIS through a precision bombing campaign in Syria. It is understandable and rational to search for answers and even revenge after the horrific attacks in Paris earlier this month, but it is imperative that we do not accept a shoddy appeal abundant in wishful thinking from a Prime Minister who has no genuine strategy other than to not have a strategy. Otherwise, it is inevitable that he will repeat the mistakes made in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

To supplement this bog-standard bombing campaign, the right-wing press have already been stirring the pot by attempting to persuade the British public that intervention is necessary. The Sun’s front page claiming one in five Muslims show “sympathy for Jihadis” is a clear example of purposefully misinterpreting data in order to scare Brits into backing Cameron’s bombing plan. The first issue with the bombing campaign in Syria is that it is exactly what the ISIS sadists want. It only acts as a recruiting tool for them. Dr. Andreas King, an expert of the Middle East at Kings College London told the Independent that “air strikes have been widely unsuccessful in eroding the capability of ISIS. The group offers a popular appeal amid chaos, desperation and a lack of alternatives”. For every murdered child on the streets of Raqqa or Mosul, there will be ten or twenty recruits persuaded by ISIS propaganda.

At the same time, decades of bombing and military intervention in the Middle East has only made a terrorist threat in this country even more likely than ever . What makes Cameron think that the boomerang that is the war on terror will not come straight back and hit us even harder? It is rich coming from the Conservative Press Office that Jeremy Corbyn is a ‘threat to national security’, when the actions of their leader are naïve, misguided, and almost certain to make our country and the world a more dangerous place to live in.


Despite Corbyn’s ‘letter of mass destruction’ throwing half of the Shadow Cabinet into an unnecessary hissy fit, he is perfectly within his right to oppose this intervention. Not only does he have the biggest democratic mandate from the Labour Party electorate that any political leader has ever had, but it’s also the right thing to do. NATO’s lack of co-operation with Russian air-forces (until Turkey decided to bomb a plane down) and the Syrian Army (whose leader they are committed to overthrowing) is what is holding them back from a successful intervention as opposed to creating another failed state. Of course, Assad’s crimes against his people are abhorrent, but in order to defeat ISIS, we need the help of the Syrian Army ground forces in a similar way to how the Allies in WWII formed an alliance with Stalin’s Soviet Union to rid the world of Nazism. It is simply impossible for Cameron to take the moral high ground on Assad’s regime whilst he remains chummy with Saudi Arabia, who are not only responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in the world today, but are also suspected of helping ISIS grow in Syria and Iraq through a variety of different mediums. It is up to the Syrian people to decide the fate of President Assad, not Barack Obama and David Cameron.

All Cameron’s bombing campaign represents is a disastrous failure in diplomacy. If we are truly committed to destroying ISIS, we should work in co-operation with forces across the globe with full United Nations support. Like Jeremy Corbyn has said on many occasions, we should be questioning the financial and strategic assistance given to terrorists by Turkey and Saudi Arabia , something which the government is insistent on sticking their head in the sand about. Instead of acting like a calm, rational leader in the face of terror, foreign policy dunce Cameron will not only put civilians in this country at greater risk, but pour fuel onto the fire that is the power struggle in Syria. This will further destabilise the region and give ISIS the circumstances they desperately crave to grow and thrive. It is not the calm, considered Corbyn who is a threat to our national security, but a strategically inept and politically naïve David Cameron.



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