And Then What? – Cartoon Logic

(Sorry everyone. This one might be a bit heavy.)

Early in the week, the massive idiots of Daesh released a video addressed to David ‘Prime Minister’ Cameron. In this video, Daesh apparently kills some ‘British spies’, then announces that they ‘…will continue to wage jihad, break borders and one day invade (our) land where (they) will rule by the Sharia’. And this got me thinking. I tried to imagine a sequence of events in which this outlandish prediction could become reality. And, you know, it annoyed me (you don’t say! – Ed.) The future they want to create is beyond ludicrous. I’m sure you don’t need telling this, but this is a group who literally want to end the world.

Let’s think about it, you and me. It really is interesting to imagine what would happen, in the same way that it’s interesting to imagine what would happen if Donald Trump became US President, or what would happen if the nations of the world all pretended to have nukes without really having any. Let’s imagine a world where they do manage to break borders and invade other countries.

Let’s imagine that Daesh manages to defeat the combined forces of the planet. What would happen if they actually won? What would happen if they, like they have in Syria and Iraq, slowly spread outward, taking territory bit by bit, suffering setbacks and successes, but not disappearing, and, finally, conquering the world?

The collateral would be immense. Literally, the destruction of most of the world. Billions of people fleeing their advance. Millions killed. The entire planet thrown back ten thousand years. Cities gone, nations gone, monuments gone. Infrastructure destroyed. Art, literature, science, music, theatre, poetry, fashion, technology, all gone. Progress basically ended. Just Daesh, and nothing else, forever.

And then what? Then what, hmm? What happens then, Daesh? It just stays like that, does it? Forever? What’s the next step on the master plan flowchart? What happens tomorrow? What does the future beyond this future look like? This is what I really despise. The murder and rampage and hatred and intolerance is evil enough, but it’s the total deathwish they seem to have for the entire world, for all society, that really ticks me off. Their endgame is truly an endgame.

Generally speaking, we, as a species, have a vague sort of goal that we’re all, in our own way, fumbling towards. There’s some nebulous commitment, at least from most of us, to a sense of progress, either personally, or for our family, or for our society, or for our species, or all of these. A search for something new, be it new experiences, new friendships, new happiness. We’re generally aiming for something good. Maybe one day, in a thousand years, the human race will explore the universe and meet new life and new civilizations. Or maybe we’ll have a perfectly equal society. Or eliminate war, poverty, disease. Maybe. At least, that’s what the sentimental old optimist in me thinks.

On the other hand, there’s Daesh. We’ve seen how they govern, for want of a better word, the territories they control. They are against everything, it seems, beyond the narrowest and most warped interpretation of an extreme version of what was never really Islam in the first place. And if they conquered the planet, in some terrible future, then that would really be it. Game over. No progress. No innovation. Nothing new, or interesting, or exciting. That really is their grand philosophy. That’s their vision of the future. You might as well blow up the world. There’s no point. That would be it.

In a strange sort of way, it’s like a real time strategy game. I don’t know if you’ve ever played one of these. Medieval: Total War or something like that. In games like this, you pretend to be France or England or the Holy Roman Empire in the Battle of Hastings times, and you try to take over the world. But the thing is, once you do, that’s pretty much it. There’s nothing more to do. And the game is over. So you turn the computer off and walk away.

If, perchance, you really did need convincing that Daesh is as bad as all that, consider this column. This, here, is my small demonstration of the utter bankruptcy that is their ideology. I don’t know what should be done; that’d be another column entirely. No, this is merely a big red flashing sign saying: ‘Daesh, you utter nutjobs.’ In a true apocalyptic sense, they represent the end of all things, for everyone.

Eternal blackness. No more sunsets. No more gumblejacks. Nevermore a butterfly.



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