2016: Time To Create Something New And Abandon The Past

History is important first and foremost, however, the idea of history revolves around it remaining in the past as something new was created after it. We should allow history to define us, it is of course apart of us, but we should not remain attached to it. 2016 is already shaping up to be a big year in terms of current events. Economically and in terms of the Middle East, the world is about to define itself for many years to come. Having said that, it is important to note that the paths we are heading down seem to be outdated; plucked for our past and thrusted somewhat into modernity. We must see where we are going first, before we start driving down the highway at max speed.


Perhaps the second greatest threat to the west right now (environment beating it to first by a long way), as the world is currently hanging on a thread. Both China and France earlier last week placed themselves on high alert when considering their economies. France is both a key player in the European Union and a vital foundation of the euro currency, current austerity measures imposed by the government seem to be sending France down the drain and with it they will send the rest of Europe down as well. Greece and Spain seem to be only a mild threat when considering how detrimental France’s economy is right now to the financial stability of the world.

The ‘hiccup’ in the Asian stock market set back economic growth in Europe for the whole summer. With both China and France on a knifes edge, it seems we are facing a graver end than the one 2008 presented us a mere eight years ago. It is clear our current economic plan is not working to help stabilise the world. The consensus is clear, we’re heading into a stormy ocean with an outdated map from the 19th century.

The Middle East:

The Middle East might just the sole topic to define this decade, now closer to end of the decade than the start, nothing seems to have changed. We have switched our angst towards Al Qaeda and turned it towards another terrorist group originally armed by the west, now gone rogue (Daesh). Our current methods of fighting terrorism seems to be causing more and more problems for ourselves, through bombing and engaging in warfare, we a forcing civilians to seek a safe life away from the east.  Western culture has aimed its problems solely at the events in the Middle East and now the new migrants on our doorstep. We have a massive rise is nationalism and islamophobia since the start of the second Iraq war, shown the public pressure on the government to not accept refugees and even the burning of a mosque which have been established for a long period of time (see the case in Peterborough, Ontario as a prime example).

Western countries such as the UK and the United States perpetuate an intolerance sugar-coated as acceptance. A prime example of this submerged last week where the UK government announced drastic measures against migrants to the UK, for they could now face deportation if they do not earn enough or even match their English proficiency. Now we see the Danish Government enacting laws to seize valuables off refugees, but is this really needed? Clearly Europe is trying to attack the symptoms rather than seeking the heart of the problem and with all this effort invested into fighting the ‘migrant crisis’, environmental causes for terrorism (a strong case for this has been cropping up recently) and arms funding from the west to terrorist organizations has been ignored altogether. It is clear we need to start thinking of the instability of the Middle East as a western issue, rather than an issue caused solely by terrorist groups in the east. Sadly, our methods for fighting terrorism have failed. From Iraq to Syria, history clearly is repeating itself and our methods for changing it remain the same.

We are repeating ourselves, stagnated by outdated methods in countering grave issues that face us today. As much as our past have helped define who we are, we must acknowledge that remains in the past. The present and the future is the element of time where we can create something new and progress. So a belated Happy New Year from The Hippo Collective, hopefully we can all see 2016 as a year to create something new.



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