Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn’s New Album is a Masterpiece

On the 17th November Dutch producer Joris Voorn released his latest album, Nobody Knows, and what a spectacular album it is.

The undercurrents of the tracks are varied, but work in conjunction with one another to create a euphoric journey, mediated by a warming mix of subdued synthesizers, full bodied kicks and a collection of harmonic vocals.

In the opening track, ‘The Monk’, Voorn combines an array of acoustic, natural and electronic sounds, crafting an extended melodic build up to an anti-climax, leaving you thirsty for more. The combination of what seems to be birds chirping, subtle ambient patterns, rich piano keys, a psychic synth line and a violin work beautifully to inaugurate you into a peaceful state of solitude; it’s just you and the music.

Now that Voorn has your full attention, his next two tracks, ‘A house’ and ‘Homeland’ employs the vocals of Kid A and Matthew Dear, respectively, to develop an upbeat element while maintaining the blissful setting established in ‘The Monk’. The rich, deep house drum set introduced in ‘Homeland’ evolves to a tech-house like kick in ‘The Wild’, while the hypnotic synthesizers keep you elated in a state of good energy.

The album then brings you back down to earth, with an atmospheric break before Voorn once again drives up the energy levels with ‘Ringo’ and ‘Mugged’ – both of which make a great addition to any deep/tech house dj’s arsenal. The album ends on a happy note, with ‘Dust’ providing a conclusion to the out of world journey Voorn has masterfully produced.

Joris Voorn’s new album ‘Nobody Know’s’ is impressive; it combines beautiful synth and vocal work nourished by acoustic notes, and works to deliver a first class soundtrack that impressively can be enjoyed in a club scene or on a relaxed, cold winter night.

You can listen to the album here:

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