Chivalry VS. Equality …?

It occurred to me, once in a heated argument with my boyfriend about why I should have to pay half of the bill for our Yo! Sushi feast, that some (not all) females these days are demanding the best of both worlds; myself included. I expected to be treated equal to him, whilst simultaneously expecting him to fork out for our dates. So this is my call to social change. Women, we need to decide what we really want.

Do we want to have doors opened for us, umbrellas opened in the pouring rain, our bags carried and our cheques paid like in the old movies where Hepburn and others depend upon male intervention, despite the independent image provided by their stern sunglasses?

Or do we really want to be equals, expecting the treatment that we are giving? Yes, feminist issues are somewhat sensitive things at the moment, but my horror, at my horror at having the half the price of some sushi shook me deeply.

Take this Christmas for example, I have never heard of a boyfriend being “spoilt” by their female counterpart, have you? It is more common for the girlfriends, uncharacteristically named ‘princesses’ in some cases, who are honoured most with material goods. This is not to say that men all over the nation are mistreated, no. I think something has been lost in this fight for gender equality that is still ongoing. And this confusion about female identity is a part of that.

So, I think from this new year, I’ll be holding the door open for my boyfriend too.




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