Weekly Gems

My Weekly Gems 11-18th January

Hi guys!

I am really excited to announce the beginning of this new weekly section called ‘My Weekly Gems’. Every Monday morning I will propose a selection of seven songs, which I feel have reflected events, thoughts, and feelings during the week. Of course the aim of this endeavour is to bring a bit of originality to the task of making you dance and shiver! As such, I will attempt to bring to you rare, forgotten or simply overlooked tracks that, I hope, you would otherwise have not the chance to listen to! I hope that you will enjoy this little musical adventure in both the past and the present!


Like I Was King (Black Label Mix) by Move D (2011)

While there is no doubt that I was very much looking forward to see the fabulous Dan Shake in York tonight, I never could have imagined that the night would end up at the hospital with the back of my head covered in blood. A lot of emotions, well captured in Move D’s dark track, perfect to end the night. Dancing like a king I ended up in a very different throne…with two wheels on each side.


Don’t Stop by Asso (1983)

After a rough night nothing better than some Italian disco to recover.

White suit, black shirt and shiny crocodile loafers with a vodka martini, that’s the spirit exuding from this ultra-kitsch tune! With the high frequency leading synth sometimes sounding as if it were out of tune, this is an exquisite gem!


Paradise (Radio Edit) by Shadez Of Brooklyn (1998)

Paradise is an excellent piece of classic hip-hop. Unknown to the public at large and pressed in very small quantities, this track is definitely a gem for hip-hop fans.

Sampling the classic tune Fool’s Paradise by the Sylvers, Paradise is a well-written, well-produced track inviting the listener to contemplation.


Compared To What by Les McCann & Eddie Harris (1969)

Maybe one of the greatest pieces of live jazz ever recorded, Compared to What is a complete classic too often disregarded and sadly forgotten in the dusty shelves of jazz’s long history. Recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival, few words can describe the energy on display in this track. In the wake of Paris’ attacks, Compared to What is a very good record to reflect upon the role of government in an age of ‘insecurity’. You’ll notice the incredible saxophone of Eddie Harris that brings this revolutionary touch to the song.


The Macaroni Man by Jimmy Jules & The Nuclear Sound System (1977)

WARNING! SICK RARE GEM APPROACHING! Albeit emotive and painful, this week radically changed when this little gem came into my hears. Priced at nearly £400, this very hard to find record has one of the hottest funk songs you’ll hear in a while. Everything is here: deep bass line, perfect drum breaks, disco violins, a sexy keyboard line and a rock’n’roll guitar all participate to make this song utterly unique. Enjoy!


I Was Doing All Right by Buddy de Franco & Oscar Peterson (1954)

A very elegant way to spend a Saturday. Feeling like wandering about the Jardin des Tuileries or fancying a coffee in St Germain while Sartre discusses the meaning of life? This is the perfect song. Again, this is a classic tune unfortunately limited to jazz connoisseurs. It sounds like the clarinet and the piano could very be two lovers having a sweet discussion. Relish!


Can You Feel It (Martin Luther King Version) by Mr. Fingers (1987)

This classic tune by the legendary Larry Heard sends the perfect message before attacking the upcoming week. Using King’s famous speech, Mr. Fingers delivers a housy yet engaging tune to help you relax after a very emotive week indeed! Sweet dreams!



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