My Weekly Gems, 19-26th January


Солнца не видно (Feat. Boombox) by Баста (The Sun Isn’t Visible by Basta) – (2010)

Having spent some time in Ukraine with my best friend before the chaos that we now take for granted had erupted, I was petrified to read that the very city where I had spent such unforgettable moments had been the victim of localized bombings. Odessa is an incredible city. A halt between modernity and traditionalism. Dickens’ famous phrase perfectly describes Odessa’s ambivalence: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Indeed, Odessa is many things: opulence and utter poverty, joy and inhumanity. These paradoxes notwithstanding, Odessa is unique. I therefore invite you to listen to my favourite song, a hip-hop collaboration between a Russian rapper and a Ukrainian singer from Odessa! This song not only embodies the collaboration the two countries should aspire to, but also evokes the repressive nature of totalitarianism. If the song is as powerful as I hope it is, the language shouldn’t be a barrier.


Leaving Home by Lapti (2012)

Discovered three years ago while listening to Gilles Peterson’s unique Worldwide radio show (which I recommend to each and everyone of you), this instrumental beat has been one of my favourite track in the genre. If the harmonica adds a bit of ‘chilloutness’, you won’t resist to the impeccable beat of this track. Torn between plenitude and dance, you shall fall for the later.


Love Dancing by Ray Mang (2009)

Sampled from Gary’s Gang classic tune “Let’s Lovedance Tonight”, this track will make you dance. In spite of the rather basic and repetitive main beat, both the guitar and trumpet add a unique groove to this modern track, making it sound like an original disco edit. Can you feel the summer? If not, I hope this track will help. Relish!


Tereza Guerreira by Antonio Carlos E Jocafi (1973)

A good introduction to Brazilian music, this little gem will shed a bit of sunlight on the dark English sky!!


Muevelo (Groove To The Max Nasty Mix) by Groove To The Max (1994)

ALERT! House fans be warned, this is the bomb.

I have little to say about this track, it just does the job.

Dirty beat straight out from an underground club in NY, crazy vocals, vintage keyboards, this song is the epitome of underground house music.

Put on your best attire on and get ready to dance.


Wana Nene Wana Nana by Marcel Zanini (1970)

An exquisitely curious gem from one of France’s most obscure and somehow neglected artist. This psychedelic track is pure fun, you can easily picture the purple dotted minidresses and Chelsea boots swinging to the rhythm of this track. Smoke and drunkenness, the best way to prepare before going out on a Saturday night. Rejoice.


Deep Down by Christy (1967)

The original soundtrack from one of the coolest movie ever made: Danger Diabolik, this track undeniably is a gem! Sexy Italian vocals and a monotonous yet mysterious guitar riff: what else? This song is a perfect elixir to alleviate your inebriated and befuddled mind, no thinking required.



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