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We talk to Leopards about their new EP

Imagine discovering a new band that isn’t a huddle of skinny mod-dressing adolescents who play ‘indie rock’ and sing about how unfair society is to them. Look no further, Manchester’s Leopards band are an injection of actual coolness and actual music in a culture that sometimes forgets what they are.

Front Girl Jenna Clare adds not only a refreshing and punky glamour but also through the lyrics, she highlights that songs can actually mean something more than “I like a girl and she don’t like me.” Future hit ‘Save Yourself’ –where the band’s tagline ‘Step into the Future’ originates- is an encouraging mix of memorable lyrics and anthemic power. Although it isn’t just rock songs that they can do. Leopards YouTube channel is full of acoustic covers, something that really shows the raw, musical talent of its band members.

Leopards is a band that you struggle to compare to any other. If asked, I’d come up with a “mix of Paramore and The Foo Fighters…” but the only similarities are the empowered female vocals and guitar-work that is as intricate as it is effortless.

My only criticism would be that with a mere five tracks, the band is yet to reach its full potential. After listening to the EP I think we can all agree that the future of Leopards is pretty secure.

Following their November tour with Glasgow rockers Altered Sky, Leopards performed in cities across the UK, with an inspired reaction to their new material – all to promote their new EP ‘Future Fate Forever,’ an alliterative masterpiece which is released 23rd February. It will be available to buy on iTunes & BigCartel along with other online stores.

In anticipation of the release of their EP ‘Future Fate Forever,’ I had the chance to interview the lead guitarist Craig Henderson.

So you recorded with Romesh Dodangoda, how was that?

The guy’s a champ! He really knows how to get the best out of the band and the individual songs. He’s also worked with ‘Kids in Glass Houses,’ ‘The Blackout,’ and ‘Twin Atlantic,’ so it was a real privilege to get his take on our songs.

Why did you name the EP ‘Future Fate Forever’?

‘Future Fate Forever’ actually started as a song title for a track that didn’t make the EP. When we were trying to come up with a name for the EP, it really seemed to echo what the songs were about and what we were trying to achieve. Jen is our lyricist, and you can hear in the tracks the thought and emotion that has been put into them.

What is it like living on a 9 day tour?

One word: Tiredness. Where we are as a band, we don’t exactly live the Hollywood lifestyle; we have a white van converted to accommodate band, crew, manager and gear. You feel like you spend more time driving than anything else. But it does have a PS3! As you’ve probably heard, there’s no substitute for running up and down the country, doing something you love with your best mates (aw) and seeing the reaction of people all over the country to songs you wrote in your bedroom.

What is your favourite track on the EP?

I have a personal connection with all of the songs, however, I really enjoyed making ‘Take Control.’ There is loads of extra guitar parts and vocal riffs that were added on the day of recording which make it really special. The message that Jenna managed to convey is one I feel will really strike a chord with fans of the band and new listeners.

We know that front girl Jenna writes the lyrics: who writes the music?

Primarily Ben (Corbett-Mills, Guitarist) and I will write as individuals and sometimes lay down brief demos to share with the band. Then in rehearsals, we will ‘jam them out,’ and see if the track has potential. Then Billy (Fletcher, Bassist) and Rhys (Gibson, Drums) will find a groove and will go from there.

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