Weekly Gems 26th – 1st


Happy Together by Mel Tormé (1969)

With the cold month of January drawing to an end, there is no better way to stay positive than with this 60s gem! Singing a veritable ode to love and happiness, Mel Tormé’s profound voice, so unique to American crooners, will undoubtedly give you confidence to start the week.


Song For My Brother (Kenlou 12” Mix) by George Benson (1997)

Drawing on Monday’s joyful and buoyant start, this mix by the legendary duo Master At Work (Kenny Dope Gonzales & Little Louie Vega) is a great house gem, super soulful while remaining truthful to the original. Each second of this great track abounds with funk and an insatiable feeling of celebration: from Benson’s unique guitar and the brasses to the Masters’ housy beat and bassline. A truly amazing gem, enjoy!


Everything Is Everything by Gabriel Garzon-Montano (2014)

Taken from his first ever EP, Everything Is Everything is a true hit echoing the original groove of artists such as Moodyman. With a really sexy voice and a unique beat constructed around the artist’s own mouth sounds, Everything Is Everything should definitely be on your playlist for this year!


Wondering by Drop Zone Productions (1997)

Unfortunately, I have little things to say about this song, as I do not have time. I went to bed very late after watching the amazing film Birdman, the story of an ex-movie star trying to get his life back on track. A beautiful tale well reflected in the mysterious voice present is Wondering, a true hip hop gem of the late 1990s.


Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix) by Shirley Bassey (2000)

Well well well…I first heard this song while having a drink in my world favourite place in Paris, a hotel whose bar is a fantastic microcosm of beautiful decadence, excess, and bacchanal revelry. In this bar there is no indication of time. Whoever you are, whatever your colour, your sexual proclivities, your ideas, your clothes, this place welcomes you. Very like this bar, this unique lounge gem is a halt in the monotonous flow of life.  While the timeless voice of Shirley Bassey combined with a simple but effective beat is already very pleasant, this tune truly reaches its paroxysm at 1:45 when the refrain kicks in! Time stops and Shirley’s voice sends you wandering about her mysterious ways. Close you eyes, imagine this bar and get ready to tremble.


I Want You by fLako & Dirg Gerner (2010)

Revealed by the god-like Gilles Peterson on the fifth opus of his record label Brownswood Bubblers’s annual compilation, I Want You is a truly beautiful track. A true feeling of melancholy exudes from this tune perfectly crafted by one of Europe’s most innovative beat-maker. Roister!


Rush by the Free Sound Orchestra (1974)

Having spent a highly liquid Saturday night, I woke up at 14:00 on my friend’s couch, all dressed with only my parka to protect me from the light and with my head spinning like in Vertigo. The night was truly great so was the friend I had made. Rush was the perfect track to ease my mind, enjoy the cold yet sunny Yorkshire Sunday and walk home thinking about the great night I had and the many yet to come. If you as well have had a heavy night, Rush will be the perfect elixir for you. Enjoy.




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