Weekly Gems 2nd – 8th

This week I have attempted to bring to you some gems sharing the same melodic rationale: downtempo! While retaining the musical subtleties of genres such as R&B, funk or even hip-hop, this week’s tunes undeniably display some impressive beats that one might find in drum & bass tracks.

I hope that you will enjoy the heavy basses displayed in each song, while discerning the stylish variations each artist brings to this Weekly Gems number 4!

I invite you to leave comments and share your opinions about the tracks so that each week can be better than the previous one! Enjoy.



Game Over Feat. Jay Dee and Phat Kat (Flying Lotus Remix) by Dabrye (2004)

This week starts with a heavy and heavenly gem featuring some truly amazing artists. The legendary Jay Dee or J Dilla, one of hip-hop’s greatest producer is joined by his friend, the more infamous Phat Kat, whose track Hard Enuff, released in 2007 on his album ‘Carte Blanche’, is a unique piece of hard-core hip-hop I urge you to listen to. Adding to the uniqueness of the track is a beautifully remix by LA based Flying Lotus, beat maker whose idiosyncratic style will leave you astonished.

Seat down, turn up the volume and enjoy the heavy beat of this unique track!


Homer Flip by Dexter (2012)

This very original remix of the Simpsons theme will undeniably put a smile on your face, Simpsons aficionado or not. While retaining the essence of one of our childhood most important theme, Dexter, young producer from Germany, adds a unique electric beat to literally transform the theme into a great piece of electronic hip-hop!


Girl by Synkro (2011)

Girl sounds like a dream; its somehow esoteric bass and the Marvin Gayesque vocals displayed in the track make it hard not to close your eyes and slowly drift in your own thoughts. While much more drum & bass in essence, Girl is not your standard D&B track. Click play and hear for yourself.


My Friends Will Always Say by Falty DL (2010)

I do not really know what to say about this song. It is a real gem of downtempo mixing the complex beats of drum & bass with more lounge basses and beautifully crafted vocals. Simply enjoy.


Music Makes Me Feel This Way by Grand Unified Feat. Kadeem (2001)

Personally, this tune is one of Britain’s greatest underground drum & bass song, and you won’t often hear me extol the musical virtues of drum and bass. Released in 2001, this real D&B gem features beautiful vocals, a really clean drum set accompanying a great bass line without sounding too underground or too mainstream. Enjoy.


Get Started Feat. Omar (Full Crate Remix) by Mark de Clive-Lowe (2012)

Planning on going out this Saturday night? This is a great track to start the night. Your living room is crowded of whirling dresses and groovy dance moves? Drinks have been served and you can feel that the atmosphere is getting electrifying? After 1 minute of gradual suspense, this great remix by Amsterdam-based artist Full Crate will make everybody dance.


Nho Antone Escaderode (Kerri Chandler Album Mix) by Cesaria Evora (2003)

I felt so good waking up this sunny Sunday morning, I needed a track to enjoy this beautiful day. Although very different to the six previous tracks, this great remix will shed some love and happiness on you and your entourage. A perfect track to dance, chat, clean up your room, do the washing, go for a walk or even run, this remix by the illustrious Kerri Chandler, living-legend of house music will change your day. Indeed, remixing an already legendary artist whose death in 2011 left the world in tears, Kerri manages to make you forget that the great of this world too often leave early. Everything is here: incredibly funky beat, violins, a traditional Brazilian guitar riff , as well as marvellous voices: what else? Enjoy and see you next week.



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