Is Paul McCartney tarnishing his own personal legacy?

In the 1960’s a worldwide phenomenon was birthed in Liverpool. The Beatles, the legendary Rock band that have become widely regarded as the most influential act of this era if not history. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr will be remembered for decades to come, but out of these four legends, one remains very much in the limelight. Sir Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul McCartney recently collaborated with Kanye in two songs; the first ‘Only One’ and the Second with Rhianna included “Four Five Seconds”. In terms of the actual songs, the first is just dreadful with perhaps the worst autotune in the 21st Century and the later is actually a good song. However the thing that is on my mind is. What is Paul doing? As someone who is a huge fan and respect the Beatles and all they have done so much, it just seems like Paul is so out of place, is he desperate? Is he bored of not being in the spotlight? From watching the videos, I almost feel pity for him and it leads me to this question. Is he tarnishing his own personal legacy?

Due to these videos there has been a large string of comments from some very cultured twitter users asking who Paul McCartney is, and praising Kanye for being really nice in boosting this ‘random old timers’ career. (See Below.) 

Paul McCartney


Is he tainting his reputation, is he risking destroying his career. Should he retire and keep his memory as an icon safe or is he furthering himself by doing this?

Videos Below.



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