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While we may be slowly climbing out of the darkest winter months, my desire for cosy knits is ongoing. I have noticed that as a student, winters in the UK are substantially colder, for starters as you become aware of the cost of central heating more layers seems the safer option. But then jumpers, as one of the more pricey items of clothing available, are considered an indulgence. So I spend most of the winter in the same trusty jumper with a ever-present mug of tea at hand.

However, recently after one of those painful introductory seminars where you have to mention “an interesting fact about yourself”, and realising my lack of such a fact, I have taken up a new skill; knitting. Partly to arm myself for future interviews, partly because I needed to sort a birthday present out for my mum, and partly because of my love of all things crochet, I have picked up my grandma’s old needles and brought all kinds of yarn. Admittedly getting far too excited in the process.

Incase you’re feeling doubtful, think less Bridget Jones ugly, christmas jumper and more 70s Jane Birkin’s crochet beach dress in St Tropez. Check out site Wool and the Gang which sells awesome knits and and accessories, either you can buy the kit to make them for half the price, or if your feeling less pro-active and a not on a student loan then you can buy them made by the gang. For those of us who are on a real budget though, browse Easy for cheap PDF templates.

Living at a time where having a hobby is a novelty, impress friends, family, and potentially employers… start with the art of knitting.

Here are my top choices on WATG:

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