Weekly Gems

Weekly Gems 23rd – 1st


Every Brother Ain’t A Brother by Panache (1982)

This super funky hip-hop track is the perfect way to start the week. Bridging the gap between funk and hip-hop, Panache will literally bring an ounce or two of panache to your life and ensure a lively week! Great vocals and deep basses, what else?


Problemz by Street Smatrz (1996)

I honestly do not know what to say about this one. In spite of its rough and chauvinistic lyrics, this track is one of my all time favourite. I do not quite know why but when I listen to this song I can feel the violence and misery of New York’s poor minorities and their daily lives. Some guys, rapping and beat-making as a an escape, other painting graffiti on NY’s silver underground. I never feel good when I listen to this track, that might be why it is one of my favourite, a catharsis. 


Bobeira by Edson Frederico E A Transa (1975)

In a few days I will leave England and go home. This thought is so thrilling that I feel as if I were traveling to the other side of the world.

Hopefully, this superb Brazilian track will have the impact it had on me: feelings of escapism, joy and freedom. If you close your eyes you can feel the heat, imagine the blue sea of Rio and let yourself go. Only 10 days left.


Le Train de 10h03 by Orlane Paquin (1969)

A rare and obscure track by French singer Orlane Paquin. A beautifully sang ode to freedom, as Orlane breaks up with her boyfriend. Sad in principle, Orlanes’ voice manages to make us feel emancipated rather than devastated. A good song to reflect upon.


Frank Sinatra by Cee-Roo (2012)

Usually not a fan of artists covering legendary artists such as Frank Sinatra, I was surprised by this simple, yet effective, hip hop version of Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. A great tune to have a drink with friends on a Friday night.


Soul Raga by Mehrpouya (1976)

This psychedelic Persian funk is THE bomb. Incorporating a plethora of various instruments, including a fantastic flute and traditional Iranian sitar, this track a real musical experience. Your hears ought to be ready to receive this track’s multiple vibes and musical complexities. Listen to it once, twice, and many more time, you will be transported.


Lay Down in the Tall Grass by Timber Timbre (2009)

Feeling slumberous? Physically lethargic or mentally somnolent? Well turn the volume up and close your eyes. The utter simplicity of this song, with Taylor Kirk’s oneiric voice should indeed make you feel as if you were naked in a field, feeling the warm wind on your face and the fresh grass caressing your body. Utter calm. That’s what Sunday should feel like.



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