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Preview: RAW, troublehouse theatre

Manchester-based troublehouse theatre are bringing Chris O’Connell’s RAW to the Joshua Brookes theatre, Princess Street, Manchester, hoping to use the basement space, with its concrete floor and bare brick walls, to bring this gritty drama about gang violence and loyalty to life.

O’Connell’s writing is gritty, real, and, well, raw, touching on themes of violence, belonging, repentance and reform. Directed by David Crowley, this interpretation is set to make the most of the script and really convey the honesty behind O’Connell’s words. The play is one that troublehouse have been considering for a long time, and, as such, is likely to be well thought out and thoroughly developed.

Rick Bithell, one of troublehouse’s cofounders, said that “we found the pace and energy behind Chris O’Connell’s writing created a very honest and realistic style of theatre, the type of theatre we want troublehouse to be associated with.”

troublehouse theatre was founded in the Spring of 2014, and describe themselves as “a company that strives to bridge the gap between professional and fringe theatre in the North West.” With that in mind, their production of RAW is set to be high quality and gripping, drawing its audiences into O’Connell’s text with a professional finish. With a passion for their ‘northern-ness’, troublehouse has cast a group of all-northern actors in RAW, demonstrating their commitment not only to authenticity in this production, but also to supporting young, northern talent.

This pride in being northern is particularly interesting in a world where so much culture seems to be London-centric: troublehouse is clearly working, with RAW and other productions, to change that, and show that there is a world outside of the south east. This honest, gritty, modern play is a great place to work on that.

RAW is showing at the Joshua Brookes theatre, Princess Street, Manchester, from June 2nd-6th. For more information, head to the troublehouse website.



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