A Grown Girls Game

Evolving from attaching two dimensional Victorian dresses onto flimsy paper cut outs, to dressing up a virtual Jamelia in an un-forgivable pair of shoes on Stardoll, styling outfits has never been something I have tired off. After all, the only reason I ever enjoyed playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater playstation game was so I could dress the skaters in whatever layered t-shirt or cargo trousers took my fancy. Long before the launch of app Metail I have been trying to visually articulate in my own mind how prospective items of clothing would look paired with those I already own.

Considering teenage girls have been dreaming of digital wardrobes since Clueless, combined with the rapid growth of online consumerism, it is surprising that virtual dressing rooms are a fairly new phenomenon. But Metail is racking up the interest that it deserves as it provides a more realistic way of trying on the clothes we want to buy. No longer will it be the decision between cosy, convenient online consumerism versus rational and cost-efficent actual shopping, this is the perfect combination.

Though currently working with House of Holland and high street brand Warehouse, many others are in the pipeline; Watch this space.



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