Clearing Out My Closet

For those of you who have also returned home from University you will probably be familiar with the ever looming and daunting task of unpacking. I have to confess, I am particularly good at finding any excuse what so ever to avoid actually moving everything from the front room into my room. Why is it so difficult? Well for me, there is an obvious reason; I am what they call a hoarder. A hoarder in broadest sense; I hoard everything from clothes I wore when I was a kid to my GCSE revision notes. Admittedly the chances of me ever needing to sort through endless pages of color coordinated chemistry notes to remember what the periodic table looks like are incredibly slim, but still, the thought of all the effort that these took is enough for me to justify keeping them.

But no longer can I hoard, I physically cannot, there is just not enough space with only one room. I am really struggling to conceive of how I am supposed to turn the belongings of two fully furnished rooms into just the one, and my only option is to embark on a full on room (and mainly closet) purge. I have tried before and failed, excusing myself that I may need that lycra one piece for a fancy dress party in the future, this time I must be brutal.

Despite the initial dread, I did feel an immediate sense of calm afterwards, I really am channeling my ‘Zen’ self, and am ready to take on summer. So, to anyone else who is going through the same anxiety as me in clearing space to unpack, I have drawn up a few steps to help you:

Set the mood:

This is not an activity that can be spread across days, it will never get done that way, give your self the whole day (at least I need a whole day) and the sense of satisfaction will be ten times stronger. Try to enjoy it, for me this means blasting magic so the monotonous task of folding sweaters becomes a new dance routine. Alternatively, you may want to opt for a more calming atmosphere, in which case choose a fitting playlist and light some scented candles.

Be honest with yourself:

Each time you find yourself grasping at straws to justify keeping something write down your reasoning, it may seem arduous, but honestly you’ll be surprised how hard it becomes once you actually have to write down why you need to keep it. Remember, you are doing this for yourself, so continuously remind yourself of your motivation. Be realistic when it comes to sizing; as much as you may have loved that t-shirt when you were 15, university happened and now its just wishful thinking, so that too must go. Sure you may have created amazing memories in that dress, but nostalgia will not make it fit, lets be ruthless. Abide buy the six month rule; with the exception of ball gowns and extremely specific seasonal wear, if you have not worn an item in six months, chuck-it.

Divide the load:

Have three boxes that you put the items in: (1) to bin (2) to donate and (3) to sell. It definitely makes you feel better, and less wasteful to donate a portion of the clothes, but do make sure they are clean and worthy. Knowing that you may make some money back also makes this a lucrative process so it doesn’t feel as though you are throwing away £30 spent on shorts that still have the label on. But again, make sure it is worthwhile selling; take it from me who has actually ended up losing money selling clothes on eBay.

So there you have it, a guide to clearing out your closet. I hope these pointers will let you unleash your inner Zen, and set your summer of to a fresh start.



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