Holiday Essentials

The exams are now over for the biggest majority of students, and we can finally chill in the parks when the weather is good without feeling guilty of not staying in the library 24/7 to revise ! And better than that, mid-June also means summer holidays, and if you’re lucky heaps of new summery adventures if you go travelling around the UK or abroad ! For this occasion, here is a little suggestion of the must-have to absolutely slip in your luggage when you’re on vacation.


Kimono : I feel like the kimono progressively became the new sarong in a way, even though it’s still quite different. Very fashionable and super light, it’s perfect for your warm evenings outside.

Swimsuit : This is for girls and boys. The swimsuit is pretty much THE indispensable to take with you when you’re going on vacation (except if you’re off to an expedition in Greenland or something).

Flip-flops : These shoes are the ultimate holiday footwear, because open and super easy and quick to put on. And there is so many choice that you can be sure you’ll find what you are looking for.


Sunglasses : Mixed item as well; and wherever you’re going, this is obviously not to forget under no circumstances. I personally am a lost cause and used to lose a pair of glasses per travel, and I can tell you I was really suffering during my last days !

Hat : Almost as important as the sunglasses if you’re considering going to a sunny and warm destination. Just find the one which fits you best !


Sunscreen : I know this sounds really obvious, but it’s never bad to remind it. And the Avène one totally rocks so it had to be mentioned !

Nail lacquer : Okay, this is not an absolutely essential for you girls to bring in your suitcase, but it’s a great way to wear vivid colours if you don’t really like wearing makeup in summer (and that’s a great and wise choice, by the way : let your skin breathe a little when the temperatures get warmer !). I am totally fond of very bright colours for this season of the year, and also pastels once I’m a little tan

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