The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

As summer comes near, it seems like your holiday will last forever and you can’t wait. But three weeks later, the inevitable happens and boredom sets in. Like with every summer that has come before it, this summer will appear to be wasted. But fear not, the Hippo Collective is here to clear that summer of boredom, with our bucket list of things to do in and around the UK. In no particular order…

  1. Go APE! Now this might seem a little childish but trust us it is great fun and they are all around the UK so there is always one close by. Plus you get to see some of your friends screaming as they jump from great heights, which is always entertaining.
  2. Edinburgh Castle: One the many joys of living in this country is its history, and I know it sounds a little boring but actually Edinburgh Castle is beautiful and quite interesting; you should definitely give that a try!
  3. Ride a Pony in the New Forest: Ok, I know some of you are reading this thinking that you would never go near a horse or pony, but for some of you this is like a dream, and now is the chance to get out there and go! Plus the New Forest is perfect for the experienced as well as the novice!
  4. Eat a cream tea in Devon: You might have had a cream tea all over the country but you haven’t had a cream tea until you have one in Devon. Remember cream on first!
  5. Go to a festival: Whether it is a small local festival or Glastonbury, festivals are always good fun as long as you have a few good friends, a little music, and maybe a few beers!
  6. Sleep under the stars: Having a little camp out with a bonfire, sausages and marshmallows can be a hell of a lot of fun, but maybe bring a tent as well just in case the weather turns rainy.
  7. Go to a water park: Do you remember the excitement of the water park when you are a child? Well, go with a bunch of mates and have a great time reliving those memories.
  8. Surf in Cornwall: Then get a pasty once off the beach, with a hot chocolate on the side to warm you up. It is so typically British but it is so much fun and with the training boards (they are practically foam and often yellow or blue) you can easily stand up at least once!
  9. Visit the capital: Just go on and be a tourist for the day. Go on the London Eye, visit Madame Tussauds, and definitely go to the London Dungeons!
  10. Go to the Roman Baths: Bath is one of the prettiest cities in the UK and the Roman Baths are definitely worth a visit.
  11. Go to a theme park: Just scare yourself a little and go to a theme park! Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are the best but there are many others around the UK.
  12. Go to a music concert at the Eden Project: It will probably be raining but it will be the best setting for a concert you will ever go to in this country.
  13. Go to the aquarium: It might seem a little pricey but it is so relaxing, and watching the fish might help you settle down after your festivaling.
  14. Go Coasteering: This is where you go with an instructor and jump off rocks into the sea! Sounds scary but it is so much fun! It is an amazing way to see our coastline as well as for an adrenalin rush.
  15. Visit the Minack Theatre: Fancy a bit of culture after all the excitement? Well this little gem is hanging on the Cornwall coastline, right next to a beach, and it is perfect for a few days of tourism.
  16. Eat Fish and Chips: Feel proud as you eat your British delight (probably in your car as it is likely to be raining!)
  17. Visit a Snow Dome: Whether you are a complete amateur or very experienced, a snow dome is a great day trip with friends. You can laugh at Dave as he goes speeding down the hill and ploughs into the padded wall at the bottom! There is a great one in Manchester but they are all over the country.
  18. Take the ferry to the Isle of Wight: It is an island so it feels like it is abroad, and without having to change your money and learn another language. Plus you could tie your festival into your visit, as there are often festivals on the Isle of Wight.
  19. Go on a Segway safari: They might have been a little questionable when they were invented but now it is all about the Segway. You can even take a Segway selfie, which has a great ring to it!
  20. Go out there and have fun: You have the whole of the country at your fingertips, so go out and do something crazy like moon boarding, or dance in the middle of a city! It is your summer! It is three months of freedom!
The Minack Theatre. Photograph by Maddie Holmes.

The Minack Theatre. Photograph by Madeleine Holmes.



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