Spy: A Review

From the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat (Paul Feig), Spy is an effortlessly funny masterpiece.

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a deskbound CIA agent, and often the hidden hero behind some of the Agency’s most dangerous missions with her guiding top field agents to safety on missions. Heartbroken when her working partner and love-of-her-life Bradley Fine (Jude Law) is killed on a job, with all the other agent’s identities compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover. With the help of her best friend Nancy Artingstall (Miranda Hart), determined agent, Rick Ford (Jason Statham), and overly-friendly Sergio De Luca (Bobby Cannavale), they try to infiltrate the world of deadly arms dealer, Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne).

The cast of Spy is perfectly constructed with a mixture of British and American comedic talents. Melissa McCarthy is at her best, with her character of Susan being edgy, sarcastic and totally badass. She is an utter delight to watch and dazzlingly funny with her witty one liners which really drive this film forward. Jude Law is a delight and a flawless casting option for Bradley Fine, with him truly making a mockery of conventional spies like James Bond. Jason Statham is aggressive, dumb, over-the-top and hilarious to laugh at. Bobby Cannavale is an over-active pervert who when paired with Melissa McCarthy is simply electric. The two actors bounce off one another which provides the film with some of the funniest moments. Rose Byrne excels more than any other role she has been, being an ideal choice for the twisted and dangerous baddy, who the audience love to hate.

However, Miranda Hart completely steals the show, and it is certain she will be swamped from calls for new film roles after her magnificently eccentric performance of Nancy Artingstall, truly showing she is both a fantastically talented actor as well as comic. She brings just the right amount of her previous role of Miranda (hit TV comedy) to her new role, which is familiar, outrageous and so British, it is brilliant.

Spy is not just an averagely funny film, it is so much more.  The comedy itself is fast, sharp and rolls off the actors tongues as though totally natural. It is side-splitting and uproariously funny. The jokes and humour are written into the script seamlessly and executed by the outstanding array of actors with such ease, it’s almost magical.

Yet, Spy also possesses everything a ‘good’ spy film would have. It is action-packed, with so many unexpected twists and turns so that the audience are never bored. There’s love, outrageous violence, explosions but with such masterful humour, it turns Spy into a true spectacle.

Spy will have you laughing, crying, jumping from your seat, and gasping in utter shock.




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