Brainchild Festival

It has been said that all good things come in threes. This July, Brainchild Festival turns three years old, with three days of creative collaboration and community.

Brainchild is a multi-arts festival with live music, spoken word, DJ sets, talks, workshops, film and theatre. Rather than fighting for the biggest headliners, Brainchild focuses on enabling unique collaborations between various musicians, artists and filmmakers to produce an interdisciplinary and inspiring weekend. Brainchild promises an extensive and eclectic line-up. From the cross-cultural electronic bass of The Busy Twist to the haunting vocals of Wooden Arms , Brainchild has something for all tastes and inclinations.

Brainchild festival started in 2012 when a group of teenagers set out with the hope of creating a festival that would connect people in a way that larger events cannot. I spoke to Brainchild Festival director and co-founder, Marina Blake, about the initial ideas behind the event.

“I found being 19 very exciting, a lot of things felt possible. I got into spoken word poetry and was feeling the relationship between arts and politics more than I ever had. Surrounded by inspiring, hugely talented artists and people with big ideas, I wanted to hold a weekend get-together in the countryside that would bring together all these like-minded, talented and socially engaged people. The festival was born out of that, it was a challenge that felt big enough to work for, that everyone wanted to contribute to. It was something that could really, truly celebrate the progressive ideas and amazing art that people were interested in. “

Described as having a “DIY aesthetic”, the festival is all about engaging in the continuous process of creation, instead of the finished product. The community focus of the Brainchild is visible throughout: intimate performance spaces, a huge team of dedicated volunteers and of course, the up close and personal experience of camping together. Though it grows in popularity every year, Brainchild promises to stay small and intimate, inviting people to join in with the creative process rather than coming as spectators.

“Whether people are musical geniuses or are taking up a new craft for the first time, we want people’s experience of Brainchild to let them grow creative confidence”

So grab your instruments, notebooks and camping chairs. This is an unmissable weekend.


£65. 10-12 July, Bentley Country Park, East Sussex

Check out Brainchild here: www.brainchild.co.uk
Follow them on Twitter @brainchildfest



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