Am I Beach Body Ready? The Beach Body Trend and Body Confidence

Am I beach body ready?

This question has been bounced around a lot recently; on billboards, online advertisements, even on the tube, and it seems to be a question that has everyone asking what a beach body ready is? Well I guess it depends on how you look at it. Is it promoting fitness or piling on the pressure?

Obviously it is good to stay fit and healthy, but so many adverts promoting ‘the perfect body’ means many women have unrealistic body goals, like a thigh gap or a perfectly flat stomach. The truth is that most of the people you see on adverts have been photoshopped and go on ridiculous diets just to stay in the modelling industry. It is unrealistic to believe that exercise alone got these women the desired ‘beach body’. It is of course something that can be done, but it is not a 5-day-fix – if it was then there would be no profit for the fitness industry.

It is not normal to have a perfectly flat stomach or to only eat carrots or to spend 5 hours in the gym a day. Companies make their money on selling you the chance of something supposedly ‘perfect’. If you feel bad about not having this then you spend money to try and make yourself feel better. This is not just in the fitness industry; quite a few industries do it.

Not everyone has a make-up artist on hand to touch up your make-up just as you go and talk to that cute guy in your office. Not everyone has the money to get cosmetic surgery when they don’t like something about their body. Not everyone has a stylist to choose their outfits for them. I think once we realise that the people depicted in adverts are not necessarily representative of the majority then we can start to see less of the guilt-trip in adverts and more of the message of confidence.

So, is the beach body a friend or an enemy? Well, how about we stop looking at that poster as a thing we aspire to and instead we look at it as a confident woman who would happily go to the beach and strut around in a bikini. We should aspire to her attitude not her body.

This summer, get to a confidence level where you can happily wear a bikini, whether that means going to the gym a few nights a week, or spending an hour a night focusing on loving yourself and the body you have with a bath and a glass of wine. Be beach confident, not beach body ready.



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