Home-made Pizzas

A thin, crispy base. A sweet, garlicy tomato sauce. Creamy mozzarella. Peppery basil. Those four components are the makings of a great pizza, be it homemade or shop-bought. So much satisfaction comes when it is home-made and all those components are achieved.

Having a pizza oven in my garden is an ultimate dream, but with the British climate it’s hard to justify such an investment, so I’m learning to make the most of my oven to create an ultimate crispy base. The key is heating the oven to the highest it will go and heating the baking tray up at the same time. If your dough is not as sticky as mine was you can place the pizzas straight onto the baking tray, no foil needed!

Jamie Oliver’s recipe for a pizza base and sauce is my go-to, and because it is so great I wanted to provide a link to it here. The sauce is so simple and takes as little time as it would to go and buy the pizza. Simply put garlic, olive oil, basil and tinned tomatoes into a pan and simmer for 20 minutes. The end result is a sweet garlic sauce with a peppery hit from the basil. Creamy mozzarella is the finishing touch for the ultimate home-made pizza.

Pizzas have helped many a student in their time of need, when that 3,000 word essay didn’t save, when you’re feeling slightly the worse for wear and need comfort food, or as a way to celebrate moving into your new flat. Now it’s time to put down that Domino’s number and make it for yourself from scratch.

Here is where you can find Jamie Oliver’s superb pizza recipe.



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