An Open Letter to Russell Brand:

As a previous subscriber to ‘The Trews’, I sat quiet whilst Russell Brand licked his wounds (dealt by his support for Ed Miliband and the Labour Party this year). I had hoped that Russell would stick to his word in his apology video, that he would indeed step away from commenting on politics and instead move to inspire a new wave of cultural thinking. Much to my disappointment and many others, Russell again betrayed his word. So I have written this letter, in the hopes that he can see how dangerous his actions have been this year.

Mr Brand,

I write to you in a time where politics has never been more interesting for the apathetic youth. Having grown up in a politically minded family, I have been interested in politics since a relatively young age (whether I truly understood it at the time remains to be answered). Friends during my school years seemed disinterested, apathetic and quite frankly bored of politics and students at my university feel the same. But then again, who could blame them? Since politicians never really marketed themselves towards the needs of the youth. Then you came along…

I had never felt more inspired to confidently talk about politics with my peers or anyone in fact after you started “The Trews”. You utilised a platform which was not bound to any age, race, culture or country. You were one man taking on the media, big business and lousy politicians. You were truly independent and not answering to anyone for what you said. By doing so, you made politics and current affairs accessible, relatable and more crucially; REAL! As a friend of mine put it on facebook:

It’s really weird how over the past few years my Facebook feed has transformed from meaningless ‘like for looks’ posts to a hive of political and cultural discourse. Well done you guys”.

I’m not giving you all the praise for such an achievement, but I cannot deny that your presence in the media over the past couple of years has not made a significant contribution. Sadly though, the revolution you keep advertising is threatened by your presence. You seem to be unconsciously sabotaging your goals (Or consciously, though I like to think of you in the former sense).

This year we really saw the full force of your self-sabotage like behaviour. Backing Labour and Ed Miliband days before a national election, even though the for frontal belief of your revolution was to not vote for the same out of touch Westminster crowd (when in fact Ed was leader of a party who cannot be denied in offering a slightly lighter Tory Government). Then after their defeat, you backpedalled on your audience again by acknowledging after the Labour slaughter that you were wrong for getting involved. What seemed like a heartfelt apology has now been discredited by adding your opinion of the Labour leadership race. Russell, you have gone back on your word three times in just 8 months!

I cannot blame you for wanting to support Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming Labour election. But I do blame you for acting publically about it. Corbyn is not part of the Westminster crowd, he is a politician who sticks to his beliefs and still argues for the same causes as he did when he was first elected. He clearly is not a Westminster, career politician. However Russell, you share a similar quality with a career politician; your word cannot be trusted.

In one year you betrayed your viewership by going back on your word, three times! For me, your word is about as good as George Osbourne’s when he first announced the ‘Pasty Tax’.  Yeah, you’ve said something and you say you believe you’re right. But, when the tide turns, you go back on your word quicker than it takes for the pasty to cool down. Mr Brand, this is why you are dangerous. I would like to emphasise, this is not a letter condemning you for being wrong or right. My point is, people can’t trust your word as they once did before. You have lost conviction.

I think people should owe you more than they think they do. You’re earlier Trews shows were great. You inspired the uninspired to question, believe and act on that belief. But this year, you seem to have been caught up in it all. Your commitments to a few, but crucial, movements have been weak. What kind of message are you trying to send out to the ‘Trewsnation’?

‘Corbymania’ has taken full force, and I believe it is time you pass on the torch to Corbyn. Someone who has proven over thirty years on the backbench that he has political integrity. Attaching your allegiance to someone like this, could only harm his campaign and not strengthen it as you would believe it to. You have taught viewers valuable skills regarding seeing through the façade of the global media. I could quote ‘The Dark Knight’ here with a very cliché line about heroes and villains, but I think you get the point. You spoke on ‘Question Time’ about becoming like the politicians you critique if you were to run in the election, right now your word seems as good as there’s (I believe this was the one where you faced off with good ol’ Nigel).  Instead, quit while you’re ahead, or, go back to your routes of the originals Trews and start making meaningful commitments. Do not damage a revolution you have tried to inspire, learns from Corbyn and your mistakes.


Rory Kilmister

(Former subscriber to the ‘Trews Nation’)



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