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Five tips for your next Edinburgh Fringe


Now that the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe has come to an end, we’re sure that plenty of you are vowing to go next year, be it for your first or your tenth time. Seasoned Fringe-goer Jack Deslandes shares his top tips on how to get the most out of your time in the city. 

See things you usually wouldn’t

With more than 5,000 shows on offer, picking the ones you see can be a mammothFringe strongman task. Try to get variety in your choices. If your taste is for highbrow dramas don’t be put off by the words ‘improvised’ or ‘circus’. Two of my favourite shows this year were Showstoppers, an improvised musical in which the audience chooses themes for the plot, and Traces, an action packed circus troupe some of my friends went four times to see!

Plan your days well and try and see as much as possible. The Free Fringe can not only save you money but also provide some of the best shows that simply cannot afford the steep prices of venue hire. But you’ll still be drawn in by the festival’s big names so…

Get a job

Jobs at Edinburgh aren’t few and far between. The festival gives work to thousands of young people and a month in Edinburgh can really set you back so shop around and see what might suit you best.

Become a reviewer for an online magazine or work with promotions companies flyering for various acts. Some of these companies might even set you up with accommodation and food included and most will give you a pass for the big venues that gets you in to shows free of charge.

You also make loads more friends in the city this way and all the flyerers often get together for big nights out and even their own awards ceremony with David O’Doherty at the end of the month.

Check out the arts festival

Edinburgh Arts Festival runs in parallel to the Fringe and is often overlooked because of the streets being packed with thesps but check out some of the galleries in the city and see some still art as well as live.

Appreciate Edinburgh is in a different time zone

Bobby!Nightclubs in the city are given a 5a.m. license throughout August so don’t say no to going to a show which starts at midnight, there’s still plenty of time to get drunk and party afterwards. Your midday wake up call should come to feel like a 9a.m. You’re only there for a month so enjoy yourself whilst you’re there.

Touch Bobby’s nose!

The legend of Blackfriars Bobby as the dog that refused to leave its owner’s side even after his death is a great tourist pull and the small statue in its honour is supposed to bring performers luck if they touch its nose. Although this has led to it rubbing away a little, the two times in which I did partake in the ritual were our best nights for audience numbers and audience laughs so do it yourself but touch lightly.



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