Gig review – NIMMO (Oslo, Hackney)

Sometimes, it’s nice to go to a gig when you are unsure of what to expect, and NIMMO performing at the Oslo last Tuesday was one of those gigs. ‘Dilute This’ (released last month) helped put the London five-piece slightly more above the radar then they have been, despite having gigged around London for the last couple of years. Now signed to Columbia Records, it seems the band have the gumption behind them to start garnering some serious attention.

Front women Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett are the driving force behind the outfit. Front and centre, the two commanded the crowd with ease, leading them into the set with an opener reminiscent of something we might identify to be influenced by The xx, but a booming, ‘dance-able’ take on it. The further they ploughed through the set-list, the less comparable they were: a unique overlay of soulful-pop vocals with a more complex bed of strident guitar fragments and fierce synth parts that Gauntlett took command of, occasionally blending the end of one song seamlessly into the start of another. Don’t be fooled by this disco-pop backdrop though; this duo have had their fair share of heartbreak and wandering lovers, letdowns and breakups – ‘what have we become? Just bored love like everyone?’ While Nimmo led the vocals beautifully, it all seemed to come together with the addition of Gauntlett’s mournful harmonies. Catch them soon if you can, they will only get bigger.



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