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The 2015 Cartoon Logic Awards

Welcome, one and all, to the Cartoon Logic Awards. Here, in this gilded glitz and glamour column, awards will be given to those people and things that best epitomised the spirit of 2015. Or something like that. Who will win this year’s Golden Coyotes? Let’s begin. 

Viral Award:

Opening with the award for the finest viral material of 2015, you couldn’t go far wrong with this army of hellish, screaming ducks:


Few videos spawned as many remakes, parodies, mashups and clones this year. And listen to that sound. If Satan himself rose from the bowels of Earth, I can hardly imagine he would screech a worse sound.

Cartoon Award:

Cartoon Logic’s Cartoon Award, for the best cartoonist of 2015 could only be the incomparable Joan Cornellà. I envy you if this is a name you haven’t encountered. Prepare for the most darkly hilarious quarter hour of your life.


This year, Cornellà has hit three million Facebook likes and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to animate his work. He’s got nine days left and he’s really close to his target, so definitely check him out.

YouTube Award:

For the very finest YouTube content of 2015, look no further than Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. With the fourth and fifth episode of this bizarrely terrifying series out this year, and the finale close at hand, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared has racked up tens of millions of views. If you’ve never heard of this series… well, good luck:


Dumb Twitter Award:


Need I say more?

Supporter’s Award:

This year’s finest and most dedicated supporter of a sporting team can only be David Cameron. This man is truly dedicated to his football team of choice. You won’t find a finer Aston Villa supporter anywhere. The PM has, for years, shouted his support from the rooftops. He loves Aston Villa.


Oh. Never mind.

The Tombstone Award for Deadest Political Career:

He nearly made it. Nearly. Power was within his grasp. And now? Nothing. Poor Ed Miliband. At least he’s already prepared his own tombstone, eh?


The Katie Hopkins Award for Offensive Bigotry:

Hopkins herself would no doubt be delighted that this year’s award is going to that wonderful beacon of hope, Donald Trump. If you’re not familiar with the hate-bombs he’s dropped this year, check out my column from earlier this month.

And as an antidote to Trump, try this video from comedian and Brian Butterfield impersonator Peter Serafinowicz:


The George Romero ‘Rise From the Grave’ Award:

A special award, this, for the person who has best demonstrated the ability to rise from the grave. Who could this be? Why Richard III, of course, who returned from his ground prison to brighten up our lives one more time!

The Angry Idiot Award for the Biggest Fracas-ing Error:

Finally, 2015 will, I hope, always be remembered as the year the dark wizard Jeremy Clarkson was finally banished from the fair Kingdom of BBC. He snapped and attacked a poor producer, revealing the extent of his evil and causing a massive fracas. What a fracas-ing idiot.



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