5 Relaxation Techniques for the Exam Period

Keep Calm and Carry On? Perhaps not the best advice when you are faced with a stack of notes to learn and a big red cross marking your exam date looming on the calendar. For many of us, the revision and exam periods are just around the corner, so bottling up the stress in the way we Britons are so well known for will not do. Instead, we’ve got five stress-busting relaxation tips that will make a noticeable difference to your mood this term.


Contrary to what you might think, vegging out on the sofa can actually increase your stress levels. It can damage your posture, give you a headache, and leave you focused on the very thoughts that were stressing you out to begin with. The answer? Move. Whether it’s going for a run outside or taking part in an online Zumba class at home, the endorphins released during exercise will elevate your mood and the activity itself will shift your focus to something other than your impending exams.

Mini Spa

Don’t assume this tip is just for girls. You have never known relaxation until you have sunk into the warm embrace of a scented bath, with candles on the windowsill and a refreshing face mask caressing your skin (like this one from Lush). As for the playlist? Norah Jones, Birdy, George Ezra, Lana Del Rey, Paolo Nutini and London Grammar.

Eat Smart

Okay, so this might not immediately reduce your stress, it is something you have to plan in advance. But if you do eat well during exam period, you could avoid unnecessary stress altogether. The best foods to sink your teeth into contain B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Omega 3, which work to fight stress, lower blood pressure and raise your mood. You’ll find these miracle workers in asparagus, berries, broccoli, salmon and walnuts.

Fresh Air

Being trapped in a stuffy room bent over a computer screen will do nothing to improve your stress levels. When you take a break from studying, try to go outside for a short walk – it’s energizing, distracting and can even boost your immune system, as the Huffington Post’s article has pointed out. If you can’t bear to leave your revision notes unattended, at least open the window to allow a refreshing breeze to enter the room.

Get Physical

No, this isn’t about exercise again. Painting, cooking, gardening – whatever it is, doing something with your hands demands attention, meaning that your focus will be taken from the facts, figures, dates and deadlines. What’s more, physical activities generally do not involve reading, which will give your eyes a well-deserved break.



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